Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Royal Mail... Oh how I love SWAPS! Sleek Palettes :)

Swapping... is my new found love♥.
After school I took a nap around 12PM, obviously at 1PM someone just has to wake me up,
My phone rings, and the mail lady tells me she has a package for me...
I jumped up and was so excited I wasn't tired anymore I ran downstairs and the Royal Mail has come!
On MUA I found the most amazing swapper, well not a swapper she is now a friend that I have made, we talk every single day, she is so trustworthy and just amazing and always sent me great products.Please Follow her Blog. She is the sweetest person ever.
Sinead, introduced me to swapping and I had 0 tokens on MUA but she still trusted me thank god and sent me so much stuff, in my previous blog as you read, she sent me Barry M 101 and Gosh Darling :) 
Recently we did another swap where I sent her the new Lady Gaga Lipstick because you know, you guys are delayed overseas cause MAC is slow. 
She sent me two things I have been longing for two Sleek Palettes in Original and Storm. 
They are the most amazing pigmented palettes. They are so lucky they have them there! 
These eyeshadows are gorgeous, some shimmery, some matte but I LOVE THEM!
Oh & GOODIES GALORE! I was sent as extras, a Collection 2000 Lipgloss in Honeysuckle which is so beautiful, and it has a brush WOOHOO! Also Eyeko Fat Balm, E.L.F Blush and Lipgloss and 3 Samples, Including one delicious perfume called Dolly by Anna Sui. 
And of course the cutest little note ever! Also will have a Swatch at the bottom, with my new found LG with LS; which is MAC Angel and on top is the Collection 2000 Lipgloss, as soon as I saw that Lipgloss I was like OMG this will look gorgeous with Angel so keep reading!
and they have the eversofamous... 
Gosh Darling Avaliable on there WebSite... I am so excited & overwhelmed. 
Before I thought MAC was the only Make-Up Company in existence well.. I think we all thought that and I have definitely expanded my thoughts and see that there are so MANY great companies out there including those OverSeas like Sleek, Gosh, Barry M, Eyeko and Collection 2000, who make great cosmetics. 

Without further or due... BEHOLD; my new babies! 
Sleek Storm Palette; Swatches are in Order of the Palette.

Sleek Original Palette

Extras: On the top is Eyeko Rasberry Fat Balm, E.L.F L|G, and Collection 2000 L|G in Honeysuckle
E.L.F Blush in Tickled Pink, Gorgeous Color. 

MAC Angel on the Top and on the bottom MAC Angel with Collection 2000 L|G in Honeysuckle on the bottom. I am obsessed it looks amazing in real life and on the lips.


Tell me some of your Favorite Products! It DOESN'T HAVE TO BE MAC!


  1. Awww great swap!! Sinead is so nice and friendly i agree!! I really need to get into makeup alley, i just dont know how to use it! :L x

  2. Thanks! yes she is a doll! Just Sign Up; And you can find Sinead... and it's simple I can help you! Let me know if you need help, I will be more than happy to help you cause I was just like you at one point!

  3. Hi hunnie!
    Great post as always!
    You look amazing with the gaga lipstick!
    Im glad that you love everything, i still havent received my package but im sure it will be here soon! :)
    The collection 2000 lipgloss looks absolutely amazing over angel lipstick hun! Great combination!
    The eyeshadows are so pigmented arent they? You can tell from your swatches!
    Hope your okay sweets,
    Lots of love
    Sinead xxx

  4. Great swap and Sinead is a doll! :)
    I'm currently sorting out a swap with a lovely girlie from the US and am so excited.
    It's a great thing to do!

  5. Thank you Sinead, your amazing! Thank you for the compliments.

    I do love everything, yes of course it will be there soon. The mail is playing a little game on us, first I was waiting a few weeks now you are, quite humorous no?, however I am sure you will get them soon!

    Also, when you do tell me, let me know how you like them! I really hope you enjoy them!!!!!!!!

    I love that combination try it with angel it's so pretty on the lips. And I am in love with the eyeshadows I can't wait to do a look with them. I am great Thanks for asking I hope all is well. Hope UNI isn't giving you hard work!

    XOXO - Michelle

    Milly thanks for your compliment. Yes I have a new found love of swapping as you can tell by my blogpost. It is an absolute fantastic thing to do and I am so happy I did it. Sinead is great and she's an awesome girl to swap with.

  6. Guess who received their gaga lipsticks this morning, yes meee!
    They are beautiful! Thank you so much again Michelle! & for the lovely note & carmex, i absolutely love it! Its one of my favourite lip balms!
    You send the best packages & you have become such an amazing friend!
    Hope you are okay my love, and sorry for spamming the comments on your blog!
    Lots of loves,
    Sinead xxx