Friday, February 5, 2010

SNOWSTORM ... really New York? REALLY?

GOD... Snowstorms = delay in swaps, no trips to MAC, no shopping, slush, horrible driving, a million accidents and most importantly a shit load of snow. All the reasons why I hate Snowstorms... thanks mother nature. 
So it's swap weekend finally with Sinead and hopefully I can get my package out to her today! Swap weekend = trip to MAC which means a Haul on Monday since I am heading out to Jersey to my boyfriends for the weekend. Snowstorm in New York however I am heading to Jersey where it's going to be two feet... AWESOME IDEA. I would like to appalaude my stupidity. 
I found this awesome comapny in my Duane Reade and hopefully those of you reading this have this in your Duane Reade. I believe carries it as well.
L.A. Splash Cosmetics
I will post pictures soon of my purchases and can't wait to buy all of them. I didn't want to buy the shadows because I don't know their quality but if you do let me know and comment. I bought glitter in Rockstar, a Gold Color and 3D kind of silver. They are so gorgeous and go on amazingly. For $6.99 I will purchased a lot more.
Furthermore, I will update soon with this weekends purchases and by the end of the month I will have LUSH's Sugar Lip Scrub which is only avaliable in the UK for now however, it is coming to New York by the end of the month. I am super excited for that... If you are in the United Kingdom go to LUSH and grab yourself these amazing Lip Exfoliators! 
Stay tuned for a Haul and I am heading to Michael's this weekend to make a Brush Holder and a phone case... My new craft project should be fun. Pictures Soon, I am off before the weather becomes a disaster. 


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