Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day... Weekend HAUL & Lady Gaga :)♥

Happy Late Valentine's Day to Everyone... 
Yesterday was quite busy so I couldn't really post anything! 
Starting with Friday before I left to my Boyfriend's house we needed to go to Walgreens. 
While shopping this Yes To Tomatoes! Lotion was on Sale from 15.00 to 3.69- that's a pretty big difference. I also picked up Plus White 5 Minute Teeth Whitening System which I hope to do a review on soon. So I came home and this Yes to Tomatoes Body Butter ended up being
This is the best Body Butter I have ever used... So I ran back and picked up all of them I now have 6 which I paid $22.14 for. However retail if I would have bought 6 would have been $90.. Now that's what I call Sale! I also went into Walgreens in New Jersey and for $2.69 they had Yes to Cucumbers Body Gel.. 
I tried this when I got home and it cools you down literally. These products are so good that I would never put them for sale if I had a store. They are AMAZING... 
The best part is everything absolutely everything is Organic and also contains Dead Sea ingredients it is an amazing product that NOBODY has spoken about. This is the first time I have seen it in my life. 

So that's that... You think I have enough? Haha! I just can't pass up good deals! 
Okay so the fun stuff is obviously MAC's new Lady Gaga for Viva Glam Lipstick
I picked these up some for a friend in the UK as well and this lipstick is like better than 
RED Velvet Cupcakes.
For a Lustre it is so pigmented the color is so so so wearable. 
I am amazed at this lipstick I am going to go and buy more BackUps of this because I think once this goes I will cry. The packaging is so cute it is signed by Lady Gaga on the Boxes as well as on the Tube. Since I don't wear Reds or dark colors I didn't bother picking up the Lauper one however those of you who do like Dark Colors it is actually very pretty I must say. Best of all, all the proceeds go to a better place! 
Without Further or DUE ....


Isn't it just the most Gorgeous pink ever?!?!?!

At the Mall I walked into a Store and they... SUPRISINGLY carry NYX 
I was like WOAH baby! So I picked up 4 things... Two Eyeshadows the Black w| Glitter is called Rock it kind of reminds me of Cinderfella but... not quite. The beige/gold one is Asphalt. I got two pencils they are both double sides both sides have a black liner and one has a white glitter on one side and a black glitter on the other side. I regret buying these I don't like the texture, they are rough on the skin and just... GROSS! 
So don't buy these.. ever even if you shopping on 

Valentines Day was Super Good! I woke up in the morning to my Love who handed me a Box from Saks and a Card! It was so Cute that card was singing The bracelet was absolutely adorable it is Gold with LOVE written in the middle. 
I didn't get him a present because I decided I deserve one more but I did get him the most HUMONGOUS card I found in the store! Too bad I forgot to take a picture! 
So anyway... We went out that night and were trying to make reservations at 2pm for 8pm on Valentines Day you know who would think everything is BOOKED...


So we ended up going to have Hibachi for those of you who don't know what that is it's when that guy cooks in front of you at the table... Yeah so I met this girl her name is Elena.. she sat at our Hibachi table because it sits like 10 people and there was four of us. We had an amazing dinner, very social, vert entertaining. Elena works at MAC! HAHA JUST MY LUCK... She is so sweet  and told me how I can get a PRO card! She also is willing to use her Employee discount for things that I want blah blah blah...
I requested her on Facebook and while going through her picture... 
What a Coincidence? She is the sweetest girl EVER! We had the best dinner, with complete strangers just babaling away about everything.  So I am looking forward to a PRO card and making a couple of Visits to her in MAC. 

SO - Paaaaaretttttttyyyy GOOD weekend! 

I can't rotate it because my computer is being WACKYY! 

Enjoy Guys! How was your Valentine's Day?



  1. i love that pink lipstick! i need to get it lol x

  2. OMG.. what are you waiting for? It is so nice honestly so wearable I absolutely love it and plan on purchasing back-ups. It is a great color.

  3. I so want to try the gaga lipstick, not sure if it's going to suit me though but it's a lovely colour.
    Loveee hibachi + wow how random a mac MA (lucky!) who was also on that show x

  4. I know it was such a coincidence! It's a Lustre so it doesn't go on as crazy as Saint Germain but I really do like it you should try it you know just because... try it on in the store! I am sure you will like it in the tube and in the picture it looks bright but really its not... and it doesn't go on bright it's very very wearable although some people disagree. Those who say it's unwearable I AM BAFFLED how they wear Saint Germain haha and we all know thats like Malibu Barbie Pink. If you do get it let me know how you like it! It's my new Favorite.