Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Retail Therapy♥

Through the Snow and through the disgusting slush & ice, I still managed to go shopping ... 
Now that's what you call a dedicated Shopper... LOL! 
First things first... MAC I only got 3 things 2 of which are for Sinead, the girl I am swapping with on Monday. I picked up Knight Devine & Pink Plaid Lipstick for her, for myself my Boyfriend ... the new MAC genius got me Equality because he's just amazing! I picked up Blankety I have heard so much about it and I absolutely LOVE IT! 
So I couldn't help myself and went on to Walgreens to pick up an extra for Sinead, and got myself Airy Fairy and Maybelline Mascara THEY WERE 40% OFF! All Maybelline is 40% Off at Walgreens! I also got another bottle of this amazing scrub I use for my face... My boyfriend Mike stole mine since he was in love with at after one use. 
It's called Clean & Clear: Deep Acting Exfoliating Scrub, this is the deal with this product when you apply it, it has those little massage ball thingys, you massage it in and you get a slight burning feeling in your face you wash it off and let me tell you, you have thing amazing tingle. 
YOUR FACE FEELS CLEAN... seriously not soap & water clean, but an amazing refreshed CLEAN
I am in deep LOVE with this so I suggest you go pick one up for yourselves. 
I don't know why nobody has been talking about this. I love IT! 
Okay so I promised pictures from Friday I think where I discovered L.A. Splash Colors and bought 3 glitter things. Pictures will be Below. I tried the one in Rockstar on Saturday on top of MAC Cinderfella Eyeshadow from the Style Black collection and it looked stunning. 
So my last stop... she's finally done rambling is what your thinking right? HAHA! I went to Michael's and bought those bead things like in Sephora and a Bowl to put my brushes in this is a cheap great idea. It holds my brushes fantastically! It was all together $9 and this generous lady in front of me on the line gave me 50% off Coupon of your entire purchase. So it was about $5 and change. 

OH WAIT... I am not done yet, so Mike saw me sitting on about to order something's and he throws me his Credit Card and he tells me to order myself stuff.
YES, he's amazing... I love Him. 

So for $19.00 I ordered 4 Studio Brushes, the Kabuki Face Brush, Complexion Brush, Eyeshadow "C" Brush, & a Powder Brush, I also got 50% off using Code: CAROLINA, as well as a Lipstick in Natural Nymph that every has been raving about and I referred 3 friends for a FREE Candyshop Liptin. 
HAUL and Review with that COMING SOON! 

After I cam home from shopping I looked out the Window and saw this...

The Top one is Equality (Lustre) and the Bottom one is Blankety (Amplified)

Sinead's Package waiting to be shipped out! : )

From Left to Right: RockStar, Airborne Shell & Metalmania

Rimmel's Airy Fairy Lipstick

New Brush Holder

Saturday Afternoon... Looked like this after the Storm...

That's my friend Esther... I threw her in the Snow; LOL!



  1. Luuuv Blankety I am the biggest Nude Lip Bi*tch out there LOL!! Totally obsessed, my bf says "i dont get it they all look exactly the same" boyZ have no clue!!! I see you tried Airy Fairy if you like that you might wanna score Rimmels Birthday Suit too; great color less pinky!!

    great blog doll thanx for stoppin by!

  2. LOL! I thought I was the only one.. I'm like babe do you see the difference he's like ... NO! I am like look lighter... not lighter OH MAN they are such boys. I have Airy Fairy but I didn't try it on my lips yet SO I will let you know how that works out & maybe I will purchase Birthday Suit!

    THANK YOU, your blog is awesome as well!