Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three's Questionaire

Three names I go by:
1. Michelle
2. Micka (ME-KA)
3. Baby

Three jobs I have had:
1. Babysitter
2. Retail Store : Electronics
3. Day Care

Three places I have lived:
1. Brooklyn, New York
2. Part time w| my boyfriend in New Jersey
3. & New York LOL!

Three favorite drinks:
1. Coffee!!!!!!
2. Red Bull
3. Club Soda

Three TV shows I watch:
I don't really watch TV :( 

Three places I have been:
1. Republica Dominicana♥ (like 99.9% of my spare time)
2. Jamaica
3. ... i don't remember

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Dubai
2.Ibiza, Spain
3. Trip all over Europe!

Three people who text me regularly:
1. my love Mike♥
2. Bestfriend Esther
3. Mom

Three Favourite Old TV Shows
1. Fairly Odd Parents
2. Three's Company
3. Facts of Life

Three Favorite Dishes:
1. I LOVE Sandwiches
3. Oatmeal.. yes oatmeal. 

Three makeup products I cannot live without:
1. Foundation
2. Bronzer
3. Lipstick

Three Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1. Summer Baby!
2. Vacation with my Hubby
3. My Birthday:)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insanely SICK! :(

Hello Dolls, I am TRUELY, sorry for the lack of updates...
I have been EXTREMELY SICK this whole weekend, the weather was amazing, I was still out & about, but I am feeling very sick. 
Right about now, the NyQuil is going to knock me out soon, hopefully I am better by tomorrow and show you guys some stuff I was able to still get from Sonia Rykiel for H&M!
It was also my Hubby's birthday today, I got him a Burberry Jacket, Burberry Boxers & a Burberry Belt.
We went out to a gorgeous restaurant China Grill, on 60 West 53rd, for those of you who live in NY. 
It is my favorite restaurant! Anyway, hopefully some more rambling tomorrow; 

Hope you guys enjoyed the gorgeous weather & the weekend! 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FOTD & What I want for my Birthday!

Hello my lovely Dolls!
First of all I would like to thank everyone who is reading and following my blog; 
I only have 40 followers, but it's really hard & when I started I thought I would have none! 
Like I said in some previous blog when I do get 100 I will hold a contest with a bunch of goodies. 
Okay... So my birthday is coming up : in 11 and a half weeks. May 20th to be exact. 
I know it's a lifetime away, but I love picking out presents! 
This weekend, I will be in New York, not at my boyfriends house in Jersey and I'm finally going shopping in the city! I will show you guys what I get when I come back. 
Sunday is my Boyfriend's birthday! I can post half of what I am getting him but the other half I can't because he likes to read my blog HAHA!
"Hi Baby" if your reading this your out of luck. 
I am getting him a Burberry Jacket, and two other UNKOWN Burberry items! Sunday were going out in the City to China Grill for dinner. YUM! 

Anyway... for my Birthday, Hubby is getting me the New Samsung CL80 camera, because my camera broke. I know I'm so clumsy, I suck:

 My mom is keeping my one of my presents a secret and the other one is this Louis Vuitton Wallet: 

And I am also making a ME TO ME present which I try to do every year. I am buying myself the new Louis Vuitton MM Artsy Bag: 

I wish my Birthday was everyday, don't we all? 


All over my Lid I have:
MAC Manor (LE from Royal Assets Palette)
This can be duped with any brown, it is a frost, I heard Club is similar. 

On Half of my Lid I have: MAC Honey Lust 

In My Crease I have: MAC Carbon

As a Highlight I have: MAC Creme Royale (LE from Royal Assets Palette)
ANY HIGHLIGHT CAN BE USED.. Creme Royale is a very pale, light yellowish-beige color. 

Everything was blended with my love.. MAC 217 Brush, and I used the E.L.F Eyeshadow "C" Brush with a Chanel Brush to pack the color on my eyes. 

I have on my favorite In Synch Lipliner from Too Fabulous Collection & Angel Lipstick. 

I am big on Eyelashes I have my own very long ones, so I don't use fake eyelashes. 
I do use Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara, and Telescopic (LOVES IT!)

I use Revlon Colorstay! I love Revlon Colorstay over MAC Studio Fix, it's amazing & doesn't break me out like MAC does. I have Physician Formula Powder for setting Powder, & E.L.F Blush in Tickled Pink (only on the apple's of my cheeks!) OH & MAC Bronzer.

FYI: I didn't curl my hair, this is MY hair! 

Below I have on Naked Lipliner from MAC Too Fabulous paired with
Peachstock Lipstick from the Liberty of London Collection. 


Monday, March 15, 2010

MAC Liberty of London HAUL! & Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

I have long awaited this collections and finally GOT IT!
MAC Liberty of London.
So what didn't I get & why? 
I didn't get Shell Pearl Beauty Powder because it was sheer, what is the point of that?!?! I put it on my face and couldn't even tell it was there, all it did what make me shimmer... not that interesting.
The eyeshadows didn't interest me even when we first found out about the collection.. because I am more of a NEUTRAL kind of person and I stick to my browns, blacks and bronzey colors. If I was to get one eyeshadow I would have gotten Bough Grey but the hint of green was pissing me off .. -_-
The blushes: I liked Prim & Proper and I am still thinking about getting it... but I wasn't sure in the store so I didn't buy it but I probably will this weekend. 
I did get 3 lipsticks in Blooming Lovely, Every Hip and Peachstock
1 Lipglass in English Accents

I didn't get Petals & Peacocks, even though everyone is raving about it because when the HELL am I, a nudy/pink lipstick lover going to wear Bright freaking Fushica. So I wasn't going to waste my money on something that will rot in my drawer. 

English Accents is gorgeous I don't have anything like it, it goes very very well with Blooming Lovely.

And Friday when I go to get Prim and Proper, I'll probably get Perennial High Style as well.
I also picked up a back-up on In Synch Lip Liner I LOVE IT!

I went to go check out the Jean Paul Gaultier at Target Collection: I wasn't fond of it to be completely honest. I thought most of the things were strange and hideous however... I did get one shirt that is super cute. On the side if you can't tell from the pictures it's slit open and you can tie it, or leave it open or do whatever you want with it. Best of all it was $19.99.. for Gaultier? That's amazing. I wish Saks had those kind of prices.. HAHA! Wishful Thinking. 

I'll Shut Up now and show you the pictures:

 Left to Right: Ever Hip, Peach Stock, Blooming Lovely & English Accent on the Bottom.

Jean Paul Gaultier 



Thursday, March 11, 2010

MAC In Synch V. MAC Girlfriend Lipliners! Too Fabulous Lipliner Review.

Being the noisy lovely person I am, I went on a hunt in my Mom's make up Bin,
and I came across a well-known Lipliner, that is unavailable and was discontinued in 2005. 
This Lipliner is Girlfriend. Many people have heard of it and I absolutely love it, 
but looking at it I have realized that MAC's new Too Fabulous Collection Lipliner in In Synch is the perfect dupe! They are very, emphasis on the VERY similar. 
In Synch is a TAD BIT darker but on the Lips you can't even tell which is which.
Girlfriend is a very pinky Lipliner, however in the tube and on the lips they really do look the same. 

By the way, I stole Girlfriend Lipliner from my Mom it is now mine! MWAHAHA!
I know I'm horrible, whatever I really like it! 
So those of you who like that Lipliner in Girlfriend go out and get In Synch. I really love the two Lipliners that I got from the new Too Fabulous Collection which are Naked & In Synch. 
They are the perfect colors for those girls who like Baby Pink/Light/Neutral/Concealer looking lips! 
I am going to buy back-up's of these because stupid MAC is making them LE, these are way too perfect to be Limited, and besides a lot of their lipsticks match these Lip Liners.
Myth, Blankety, Equality, Creme D' Nude, Hue ETC. are great paired with Naked Liner
Lady Gaga, Snob, Angel, Saint Germain, Creme Cup ETC. look fantastic with In Synch. 

Also if you guys are wondering about the AD in Too Fabulous, what the model's are wearing is now my favorite combination which is Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass w| In Synch L|L.
Absolutely GORGEOUS!
These Lipliners are TO DIE for, and I hope they aren't sold out by this weekend because I heard they are going fast. However, even though I adore them both I am more of a pinky kind of person so I do like In Synch a little bit more than Naked. 

Swatch Picture: In Synch is on Top and Girlfriend is on the Bottom.

Pencil Picture: In Synch is on the Left & Girlfriend is on the Right.

In Synch Lip Liner paired with Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass on top.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Humongous MAC Haul♥

This weekend, I had a whole MAC extravaganza. 
I don't know why but I lost myself in the MAC store & forgot how much money I am spending.
For the love of MAC, I still splurged and bought a lot of stuff that I am excited to play with. 
Okay so one more time... if you haven't read it the first 6,000 times... 
 Liberty of London BABY! 
The large text is too express how excited and enthusiastic I am. HAHA! 
I will attempt to control myself, there is probably a slim to nothing chance of that happening. There will be a Haul probably on Friday or Saturday with the new Collection.
Anyway what I got from MAC was the following:

Amber Lights
Creme Cup
I wanted Snob but they were Out of Stock :( 
Copper Sparkle
Spring Color Forecast Stacked 2! (Neutral)
In Synch
Boy Bait
Fashion Scoop
217 Brush

Okay these are the swatches the one all the way on the right is the first pigment, the one on the bottom is the second pigment, and so on and so forth. Isn't the color gorgeous?

I hope you guys enjoyed this Haul! What did you get from Too Fabulous? What are you guys getting from Liberty of London?!?