Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend, Skiing, Barry M & GOSH! ♥

Oh boy oh boy! What a tiring, but exciting weekend! 
On Thursday Night I went to my Hubby's house & spent the weekend there, & I actually just got home.
Friday we went to go see that new movie Shutter Island, at the end of the movie... I was like
You probably will be too, however, although it was confusing it was a good movie and those of you who understood tell me, cause I'm still trying to figure it out =\
ANYWAY, I told myself NO MAC this weekend and it worked! I was even at the MAC store and didn't purchase anything, however, next week is a different story HAHA!
Saturday Mike & I went Skiing to Mountain Creek it was such beautiful weather, the skiing was fantastic they have great slopes but the car ride was a disaster. The streets were small, the food there was bad, & we had to take a shuttle from the parking lot. You know I'm not expecting like Swiss Alps or anything but 
So on the way back there was some little beauty store.. and YOU KNOW I couldn't help myself and believe it or not they had a whole wall of N.Y.X but not the Lipsticks I wanted like Strawberry Milk... Listen I can't have my cake and eat it too! But I did pick up two Glitter Palettes and Two NYX Jumbo Pencils which I heard SO SO SO much about in Milk and I think the other one is Bronze. 
The Glitter Palettes say CREAM on them but they are pretty dry at the top I mean I like them they have great glitter pay-off and they were $4. MUAers aren't satisfied with this but I think they A. Don't like Glitter & B. Don't know how to use it! 
CVS was having another BOGO sale so I went to pick up a BackUp of Revlon's Photoready. I am a NW30 I believe because it's not summer and I look like Sour Cream but 004 is my color. They didn't have 004 Nude in that CVS SOO... I got 007 Cool Beige which I think if mixed, would look amazing or could be saved for the summer when I am pretty dark... oh how I wish that time would hurry UP!
I don't know all the complaint's about glitter in hear, people it's shimmer... you make it seem like it's TRAGIC! It's just shimmer it's nice in the sun and makes your face glow, personally I like it. 
And I got the N.Y.C Bronzer for like $2.99, well you get what you pay for... I despise it. Where's the bronzer?
My boyfriend's mom also got a free "GET WITH YOUR PURCHASE" goodie bag from Lancome and she got two so she gave one to me. She's so sweet. I am sure the Lipgloss and Mascara are good however the Pigmentation of the Eyeshadows SUCKS! 
COMMON LANCOME! get with the program
My Boyfriend also suprised me for no reason... he's so cute; with a Sex & The City Perfume Gift Set. This smells SO GOOD! Ughh.. Just unexplainable he said he couldn't help himself from buying it because it smelled so good. Like I know it's not Gucci, or Prada but suprisingly this stuff is delish. 
Okay, last couple of sentences and I am done, I should do more frequent blogs because this is getting absurdly looonngggg... MY SWAP STUFF CAME from Sinead.. 
FOLLOW HER DaintyDollyMix.
It took pretty long because you know god for bid USPS brings something with normal timing! I got the envelope on my way to see Avatar with my little Brother and I was like ready to cry, Because that's normal when you receive a package. ANYWAY.. I got the gorgeous Barry M 101 in Marshmellow and the ever so famous GOSH Darling. Barry M is drying and needs to be worked with but if put on the right way with like MAC C-Thru Lipglass and some Carmex underneath it's like the perfect Nude and so is GOSH! I am in LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Oh and for those of you wondering.. yes I love the "I look like I am Dead" look :)
Lancome Goodie Bag. Love the packaging... Not so much the Product :(

Package from United Kingdom from Sinead

You can't even see these! But.. GOSH on the bottom, Barry M on the Top! 
The Most Beautiful Sunset, on my way to my Hubby's house on Thursday Afternoon.
Yes, he loves to Sing Along; especially long car rides, his inner singing comes out! HAHA!
Oh & babe if you see this... Sorry :) ; i'm horrible. 
At Mountain Creek! For those of you wondering... What I am wearing Jacket/Goggles ETC.
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