Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally... UPS CAME!

Long Awaited ... -Drum Roll PLEASE-
Saint Germain and Creme D' Nude
Since you know I am the only one on the planet who never purchased these,
LOOK at my new babies!

Time for some MakeUp Play Time! WOOHOO.


  1. Gorgeous colours Michelle! I have both and love them! Creme d nude is my favourite nude ever, i could use it every single day!
    Great buys hunnie!

  2. Thanks my boyfriend got them for me! I was so excited, Saint Germain is only online I was almost at every MAC Counter and they told me it was sold out :( so I had to order, so he got them for me. By the way I found this site JinnysMall.Com; do you know this site? I want to Order 3 sleek palettes from them however .. I haven't heard anything about this site. They are in the UK I believe.

  3. these lipsticks look amazing, i really love the colours^^ thank you very much for sharing :)

  4. No Problem Audrey! I am glad you enjoyed the post.