Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New MAC Collections... YIPEEE!!!!! & my first SWAP!

I am so excited that MAC's new Collection (Spring Forecast & MAC Milk) was released. I felt like a little kid in a candy story when I saw it online.. I WAS SO HYPED, for this long awaited collection. Everything is so pretty! However, I will not be purchasing a lot.. I am looking forward to seeing on the counters I believe next week & really want Bubble Gum Lipstick, and the 4 Stackable Neutral Pigments, such pretty colors! Also MAC & Milk is online only on behalf of Fashion Week and Fleshpot is finally avaliable for limited time on MACCosmetics.com. I have been wanting this forever & a day because it is only a Pro product... I hate that it's so sucky when products are only Pro's & I want them ; 
GRRRR! ... so aggravating.
As for my SWAP goes I signed up to MakeupAlley.com better known as MUA, and really wanted GOSH Darling and Barry M Marshmellow since we, in the US don't have such amazing products. This wonderful user Sinead, she is my first follower, is so sweet and has agreed to do a swap with me. I am so excited to do my first swap! 
Let you know how that goes soon... as for a Haul that will probably be coming on Friday since that's when I will be updating however UPS is coming in about 2 hours with my Creme D' Nude and Saint Germain.

New Collections: This is What I Want ....

i love the first two lipsticks ... Bubble Gum and Phlox ( i Believe, can't wait to get these)



  1. Aww yay michelle, thank you so much for the mention sweetie!
    I absolutely love fleshpot, it is the most amazing nude lipstick ever!
    Love the look of the spring forecast but again we dont get them here forever!
    Lilyland has only just come out today but ive already made my order! yay

  2. No Problem, I never had Fleshpot I have heard so many great things about it I can't wait to order it Since it is an "online only" collection. However I found out there is a Pro Store in Manhattan and Fleshpot is regularly avaliable there. Spring Forecast hasn't come out in the store and will be on February 11th or 13th so I won't be purchasing online. I am very interested to see it in person. I hope it comes out by you soon ... When I get my hands on them I'll do a sneakpeek for you! LOL!