Sunday, January 31, 2010



Obviously no time to update on a Saturday night, while I was enjoying the evening with my boyfriend. However, I did manage to sneak in some stuff from MAC while he was busy shopping around the mall .. HAHA! 
Anyway, so when Style Black Collection came out in O9' I wasn't too crazy about it.. except for the eyeshadows which I picked up in Cinderfella, and decided I didn't need Young Punk, Gilt by Association and Blue Flames. When I was at MAC today I saw Gilt by Association and almost had a heart attack and knew (SILLY ME) I was so stupid not to buy it before... it was the last one! I also picked up a lipstick in Angel and got a sample of Universal Mix from All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. I realized that I spend so much damn money in MAC and forget the samples, so while I was paying my boyfriend walks up and he's like OH MY GOD did you get samples? So I  quickly asked for some ... at least he's good for something. He started becoming more MAC Savy... isn't that funny? 
My gorgeous flats are going to be in these pictures from Forever 21 and they were $16.80.. I couldn't help myself and bought them in black and grey it was such a steal for a copy of Miu Miu flats. 
My wonderful boyfriend ordered me Saint Germain online because I am the only genius who didn't run out and buy it when Sugar Sweet came out honestly, I always miss the good stuff... as well as Creme D' Nude which for some reason I can't find in stores ..
I'm also waiting for Equality to come so I'm super excited .. 
MAC IS A GIRLS BESTFRIEND ; Well... next to DIAMONDS of course. 


These Patent Leather Ballet flats are stunning and so comfortable from Forever 21 & best of all only $16.80

XOXO - Michelle♥

Saturday, January 30, 2010

SHOPPING! - Mom's Birthday♥

I probably, can't be more excited, to go SHOPPING. Today's my mom's birthday and were having a whole family extravaganza at my house which means a lot of fighting & chaos .. GREAT. So for the millionth weekend in a row I convinced the lovely boyfriend to take me to Forever21 :) & MAC .. SCORE! Anyway .. I'm waiting for my package from MAC to come I ordered two lipsticks that I couldn't get my hands on in the store. & My package from Forever21 came with two pairs of these gorgeous ballet flats ... stay tuned for pictures & a haul from the mall. 

XOXO - Michelle♥

Friday, January 29, 2010


So .. let's get to a little about me, before I start rambling.
I'm Michelle, I am a Fashonista.. I sleep, dream, eat and breathe couture, clothing and make-up.
I am 18 years old & live in New York.

It took me 87987987 to make a blog after watching thousands of videos on YouTube and reading a million blogs, the blog world kind of attracted me. So HERE I AM! I'm so excited to share with everyone, reviews, purchases, fashion, clothing blah blah blah .. all that fun stuff. I am in no way like "anti-social" if you have any questions or whatever kind of things you may have just COMMENT & I will certainly get back to you!

XOXO - Michelle