Monday, March 1, 2010

Forever 21 & While I abandoned Blogspot for 4 days...

Hello Beautiful Ladies. I hope you all had a good weekend! 
I didn't really do anything, this weekend was pretty boring I must say, on Friday I headed to my Boyfriends house since all classes were cancelled because of another Snowstorm,
I HATE THIS SNOW! I feel like it's been winter Forrreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr & a day
But, I went to the Mall and stopped by MAC obviously, Forever 21 and Abercrombie. 
At Forever 21 they had this shirt from the Forever 21 Twist Tres Paris Collection, I love that collection and I missed out on only some stuff but picked up a lot from it. 
However, this shirt was avaliable and I contemplated on it for a LONG time, every time I walked into Forever 21 it was like waiting for me, and I tried it on about 50 times and always put it back. 
This weekend I finally bought it I just couldn't take it anymore, I will post up a picture when I get a chance of how it looks on me, because just a picture doesn't do justice. 
It is versatile it has wording that says "Femme Pour Tous" and a picture of a French Paris Girl. 
You can wear it off the shoulder or on one shoulder it's baggy and very cute, I love it. I regret not buying it all the other times I tried it on! 
So I wanted to get some rings but IT WAS A MESS. This is a big pet peeve of mine, when people are messy in a store, they think they are the only ones who are shopping. They create messes for me and other people everything was all over the floor and I simply didn't have the patience. 
Anyway.. I went to MAC and picked up a Lip Liner in Stripdown, which by the way I am in LOVE with.
And I got Hue Lipstick which I am not too fond of but it's whatever it looks good with something under or on top, it's a glaze so it's like Sheer-City. 
At Abercrombie, I tried on a Dress which I will post, it is $58. It's all on you guys,
To buy or not to buy... that is the question! 
I also stopped by Target & CVS at Target I got only the Yes to Carrots lip gloss which was on sale for $1.. Swatches are below and at CVS I got the Almay lip gloss at 75%  off and the highly spoken about and raved about L'oreal Lineur Intense Eye Liner. 

That was my weekend, nothing extravagant. I am waiting, very impatiently for Give me Liberty of London and I have a feeling this week will go by EXTRA SLOW because you know, I have such good luck. What's up with these rumour about the MAC Disney Villains Collection? True or False?
I GOT IT... MAC is set out to make me broke, great. 
Also I want to say Thank You to my followers I never thought I would have 28. Although it's not a big number I have realized how tough it is to get them, when I hit 100 I will have a contest. 

What do you guys think of this dress?

Top to Bottom: Almay L|G, Yes to Carrots L|G, Stripdown Lip Liner, Hue Lipstick



  1. OMG girl cannot get over how bloody gorgeous you are!
    Missed you lots hun!
    The dress looks STUNNING! & you look so beautiful in the last picture babe! Loving the pose!
    <3 xoxo

  2. Sinead you are so sweet!! Thank you so much! I miss you too & logging into MakeUpAlley to see mail from you. I will definitely get it, oh it's so cute reallly. Thank you Sinead

    Miss you I hope you are good!!! How was your weekend??