Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clean and Clear Review & Rambling.

Hey Guys!!! 
So now that the East Coast's horrible Blizzard is finally over I can ramble about stuff.
If anyone watches the United States News, if you aren't located here, we had a 
HUGE BLIZZARD... to the point where the schools were closed for two days.
It was absolute insanity snowing at 1 inch per hour =X OMG! 
Yeah it was pretty bad. 
However, I bought a new Facial Scrub as I mentioned below in my previous blog its called...
Clean & Clear: Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub
This stuff is heaven inside of a bottle I absolutely LOVE IT. 
It makes you feel SO CLEAN it's absolutely unbelievable. Inside it has those massage bead things and you put it on your face and leave it on for about 2 minutes or so and you literally feel it going into your pores. It feels refreshing and you feel so clean like someone just took a dirty layer of your skin off. When you wash it off your face feels... it's just an undescribable feeling something you have to experience to understand. Your face feels amazing... AHMAZING! So Hydrating.
 It definitely stays true to what is says on the bottle the "Cool, Refreshing, Tingle"
It was pretty inexpensive about $6.99 in my pharmacy. And you don't use a lot so it should last a pretty long time. So go out and buy this great Exfoliater also, it doesn't dry my skin or break me out! A+


"Thank your for your Purchase.... Your ELF Order has been shipped." 

Okay so I am so excited to see my E.L.F Studio Line stuff it took SO LONG TO SHIP especially the fact that I am in New York and so are they!
 I heard so much about it and I just can't wait to try the brushes and Natural Nymph. 
So let's get to MAC... Saturday I am taking a trip to MAC - obviously... 
to pick up the new Lady Gaga For Viva Glam Lipstick, I saw it in the store today & didn't get it because I have three of them on hold at my MAC Counter it is so GORGEOUS!
Also Saturday MAC is having Buy TWO Eyeshadows get one Free...
Now this is going on at the MAC Counter I shop out however, I don't know if this promotion is at other MAC Counters and online. While I was talking to someone on MUA
they mentioned MAC To The Beach Collection which will be launched in May. 
I went on Temptalia to look at it and it is gorgeous I am so excited for this and Give me Liberty of London Collection! The packaging is stunning and probably the best packaging MAC has done in a while. So there will be a Haul.. probably Sunday, maybe Monday afternoon. 

MAC To the Beach Collection - This is the Stuff that I Want:
The First Two Lipsticks, The Lipgloss & The Highlighting Powder (Adorable Seahorse!)


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