Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hello Beautiful Readers of my Blog!
Yesterday I dragged my lovely boyfriend (oh i love him sooo much) to to the CCO, at Jersey Shore Outlets.
I was so excited to go, I really wanted Solar Bits in Bronzescape but you know.. they had
every single color except for that one. Why would they ever have what I need -_- ?!?!
However, I did get 3 things and I'm going to post a picture below of that shirt I was promising to show you from last week.
The weather here this weekend was absolutely amazing, it was almost 60, I was so happy; that we may not see anymore snow until next year...
By the way tomorrow, or something like that, I will have a HUGE MAC Haul; some permanent things and some from the new Too Fabulous Collections. On Friday I will try to put up a post of the new Give me Liberty of London things I have on hold. SO Stay Tuned! Lot's of fun things coming.
At the CCO I wanted Heatherette Lipsticks, but obviously nothing either. They had a lot of Hello Kitty Collection Stuff but nothing that I really was crazy over.
So I picked up one pigment in Gold Mode, I absolutely love the color as well as, 3D Silver Glitter from Heatherette (IN LOVE! so sparkly, you guys know me & glitter/sparkles are married) and Reflects Gold. 
Reflects Gold is so pretty it looks white in the Jar but it's not on the hand it's this whitish gold glitter, gorgeous... LOVES IT! 

So here are some pictures for you guys, cause I haven't updated since Tuesday...
Readers are like OMFG?!?!?! Where is she? I'm alive FYI :)

Left to Right on Fingers; (Goldmode, Reflects Gold, 3D Silver)
Left to Right on Hand; (3D Silver, Reflects Gold, Goldmode)
I was so happy with the prices, 3 Normal Sized Jars for $39 :)
(3D silver is Availiable at PRO stores for $20)

How was your weekend Guys? Did anyone go to MAC and see the new Give me Liberty of London Collection?



  1. The Liberty collection is not out here in the UK at the moment, but I absolutely cannot WAIT! Great haul!


  2. Thank you sweetie it comes out in the US on Thursday and trust me THURSDAY IS TAKING it's sweeeeeeet time :) lol but I am also very excited! I hope it gets to you soon!!!!