Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FOTD & What I want for my Birthday!

Hello my lovely Dolls!
First of all I would like to thank everyone who is reading and following my blog; 
I only have 40 followers, but it's really hard & when I started I thought I would have none! 
Like I said in some previous blog when I do get 100 I will hold a contest with a bunch of goodies. 
Okay... So my birthday is coming up : in 11 and a half weeks. May 20th to be exact. 
I know it's a lifetime away, but I love picking out presents! 
This weekend, I will be in New York, not at my boyfriends house in Jersey and I'm finally going shopping in the city! I will show you guys what I get when I come back. 
Sunday is my Boyfriend's birthday! I can post half of what I am getting him but the other half I can't because he likes to read my blog HAHA!
"Hi Baby" if your reading this your out of luck. 
I am getting him a Burberry Jacket, and two other UNKOWN Burberry items! Sunday were going out in the City to China Grill for dinner. YUM! 

Anyway... for my Birthday, Hubby is getting me the New Samsung CL80 camera, because my camera broke. I know I'm so clumsy, I suck:

 My mom is keeping my one of my presents a secret and the other one is this Louis Vuitton Wallet: 

And I am also making a ME TO ME present which I try to do every year. I am buying myself the new Louis Vuitton MM Artsy Bag: 

I wish my Birthday was everyday, don't we all? 


All over my Lid I have:
MAC Manor (LE from Royal Assets Palette)
This can be duped with any brown, it is a frost, I heard Club is similar. 

On Half of my Lid I have: MAC Honey Lust 

In My Crease I have: MAC Carbon

As a Highlight I have: MAC Creme Royale (LE from Royal Assets Palette)
ANY HIGHLIGHT CAN BE USED.. Creme Royale is a very pale, light yellowish-beige color. 

Everything was blended with my love.. MAC 217 Brush, and I used the E.L.F Eyeshadow "C" Brush with a Chanel Brush to pack the color on my eyes. 

I have on my favorite In Synch Lipliner from Too Fabulous Collection & Angel Lipstick. 

I am big on Eyelashes I have my own very long ones, so I don't use fake eyelashes. 
I do use Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara, and Telescopic (LOVES IT!)

I use Revlon Colorstay! I love Revlon Colorstay over MAC Studio Fix, it's amazing & doesn't break me out like MAC does. I have Physician Formula Powder for setting Powder, & E.L.F Blush in Tickled Pink (only on the apple's of my cheeks!) OH & MAC Bronzer.

FYI: I didn't curl my hair, this is MY hair! 

Below I have on Naked Lipliner from MAC Too Fabulous paired with
Peachstock Lipstick from the Liberty of London Collection. 



  1. Hey girlie!
    Loved this post!
    You are making me want in synch lipliner, it looks absolutely gorgeous with angel lipstick!
    Also loving the poses sweetie & your hair looks amazing naturally!
    Hope your okay & counting down to your birthday already! How old are you gunna be anyway hunny?
    I got a louis vuitton speedy for my birthday :) will be doing a blog post of my presents soon!
    Lots of <333 babe
    Sinead xxxx

  2. Heyy LOVE!!!!
    Thank You Sinead<333
    OMG you have to get it! you have to, you must; you don't understand your going to love it! it goes amazing with gaga, creme cup, EVERYTHING! it's almost amazing.

    Oh boy I'm counting down too! I love my Speedy bag I will always love it. It's amazing isn't it?!?!?! That's an amazing present!
    I hope you enjoy it hun!

    You had your big 21 and i'm having my big 18 LOL! But I wanna be 21!

    Hope your doing well girl!

    Michelle xoxoxoxo♥

  3. the camera is so cute, i love samsung; there picture quality is super good & clear.. i love mines! x

  4. I hope their camera is good! thanks for letting me know Monique.. i was so undecided!!!!

  5. great pics;O) nice blog honey! I LIKE IT!!!!!

    i follow you, i hope you follow me toooo??????

    kiss ;*)

  6. Thank you darling! I will follow you as well ;)