Thursday, March 11, 2010

MAC In Synch V. MAC Girlfriend Lipliners! Too Fabulous Lipliner Review.

Being the noisy lovely person I am, I went on a hunt in my Mom's make up Bin,
and I came across a well-known Lipliner, that is unavailable and was discontinued in 2005. 
This Lipliner is Girlfriend. Many people have heard of it and I absolutely love it, 
but looking at it I have realized that MAC's new Too Fabulous Collection Lipliner in In Synch is the perfect dupe! They are very, emphasis on the VERY similar. 
In Synch is a TAD BIT darker but on the Lips you can't even tell which is which.
Girlfriend is a very pinky Lipliner, however in the tube and on the lips they really do look the same. 

By the way, I stole Girlfriend Lipliner from my Mom it is now mine! MWAHAHA!
I know I'm horrible, whatever I really like it! 
So those of you who like that Lipliner in Girlfriend go out and get In Synch. I really love the two Lipliners that I got from the new Too Fabulous Collection which are Naked & In Synch. 
They are the perfect colors for those girls who like Baby Pink/Light/Neutral/Concealer looking lips! 
I am going to buy back-up's of these because stupid MAC is making them LE, these are way too perfect to be Limited, and besides a lot of their lipsticks match these Lip Liners.
Myth, Blankety, Equality, Creme D' Nude, Hue ETC. are great paired with Naked Liner
Lady Gaga, Snob, Angel, Saint Germain, Creme Cup ETC. look fantastic with In Synch. 

Also if you guys are wondering about the AD in Too Fabulous, what the model's are wearing is now my favorite combination which is Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass w| In Synch L|L.
Absolutely GORGEOUS!
These Lipliners are TO DIE for, and I hope they aren't sold out by this weekend because I heard they are going fast. However, even though I adore them both I am more of a pinky kind of person so I do like In Synch a little bit more than Naked. 

Swatch Picture: In Synch is on Top and Girlfriend is on the Bottom.

Pencil Picture: In Synch is on the Left & Girlfriend is on the Right.

In Synch Lip Liner paired with Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass on top.


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