Monday, March 15, 2010

MAC Liberty of London HAUL! & Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

I have long awaited this collections and finally GOT IT!
MAC Liberty of London.
So what didn't I get & why? 
I didn't get Shell Pearl Beauty Powder because it was sheer, what is the point of that?!?! I put it on my face and couldn't even tell it was there, all it did what make me shimmer... not that interesting.
The eyeshadows didn't interest me even when we first found out about the collection.. because I am more of a NEUTRAL kind of person and I stick to my browns, blacks and bronzey colors. If I was to get one eyeshadow I would have gotten Bough Grey but the hint of green was pissing me off .. -_-
The blushes: I liked Prim & Proper and I am still thinking about getting it... but I wasn't sure in the store so I didn't buy it but I probably will this weekend. 
I did get 3 lipsticks in Blooming Lovely, Every Hip and Peachstock
1 Lipglass in English Accents

I didn't get Petals & Peacocks, even though everyone is raving about it because when the HELL am I, a nudy/pink lipstick lover going to wear Bright freaking Fushica. So I wasn't going to waste my money on something that will rot in my drawer. 

English Accents is gorgeous I don't have anything like it, it goes very very well with Blooming Lovely.

And Friday when I go to get Prim and Proper, I'll probably get Perennial High Style as well.
I also picked up a back-up on In Synch Lip Liner I LOVE IT!

I went to go check out the Jean Paul Gaultier at Target Collection: I wasn't fond of it to be completely honest. I thought most of the things were strange and hideous however... I did get one shirt that is super cute. On the side if you can't tell from the pictures it's slit open and you can tie it, or leave it open or do whatever you want with it. Best of all it was $19.99.. for Gaultier? That's amazing. I wish Saks had those kind of prices.. HAHA! Wishful Thinking. 

I'll Shut Up now and show you the pictures:

 Left to Right: Ever Hip, Peach Stock, Blooming Lovely & English Accent on the Bottom.

Jean Paul Gaultier 



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