Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous.. continuation. New Spring/Summer 2010 LE

In my Previous post I picked up Revlon's new Lilac Pastelle @ Target, however they did not have any other colors.
As I said I really love these, So I headed out to the City (New York) and went to a CVS on Bleecker Street who had them! 
I picked up Pink Pop, Coral Reef, & Peach Petal.
Lilac Pastelle of Course is my favorite of the 4 I love the color it's amazing & I hope Revlon continues to make these gorgeous colors. They really are stepping up their game in the cosmetic world, they are affordable and you can get your hands on Revlon products in every pharmacy, Target & Wal-Mart. 

So these are the Colors: 
Pink Pop is a nice bright pink when swatched but when they go on they are not that sheer but they are sheer... get it? not really. LOL! They give you that perfect color pay-off and I absolutely love it. 
Coral Reef is great for the summer to put together with some coral/orangish lipstick. 
Peach Petal is a great lipgloss to use with nudes it is a nude but kind of pinkish, not really but good to pair with Myth, Creme D' Nude, GOSH Darling, E.L.F. Natural Nymph ETC. 

So from Left to Right: 
Pink Pop, Lilac Pastelle, Coral Reef, & Peach Petal
Left to Right:
Peach Petal, Coral Reef, Pink Pop
Pink Pop

Coral Reef

Peach Petal

Left to Right: 
Peach Petal, Coral Reef, Pink Pop
Top to Bottom:
Pink Pop, Coral Reef, Peach Petal

Love these Colors, Pick them up at your Local CVS I heard Duane Reade has them as well however I did not see them there. Target has them as well!  
$7.99 for these gorgeous colors is great! I hope all of you pick these up!


Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review. This is my honest opinion. These were not given to me for free. I paid for each lipgloss individually with my hard-worked money. 


  1. They look gorgeous!!And I've heard many good reviews!Enjoy them hun!!

  2. @ lovelyviolet5: Thannk you sweetiee! Yes, they are so great you should deff. pick some up!

  3. wow they look gorgeous :) xx

  4. been looking everywhere for a nice shade of pink! Peach petal looks nice.



  5. @ NancyXO: Thank you yes, it's a gorgeous pinky nude :)