Thursday, May 13, 2010

Certain-Dri Review.

Sweaty Armpit are gross... agree? 
Thank god for Certain-Dri, seriously. I never sweat a lot but at school during gym I would after playing with no air-conditioning in a hot gym. NOTHING helped. 
After researching, aggravation and being annoyed I came across Certain-Dri. 
I bought it & hoped for the best... I would like to thank GOD for creating Certain-Dri.
Whoever created this product is a freaking genius! 
If you have sweating problems buy this! It really does help ... boy oh boy I sound like an infomercial.

The first night I was careful rolled it on twice it didn't help. I figured I put to little. So Tuesday night I put it on a gain but rolled it 4-5 times and it says it lasts for 72 hours even after the shower. 
I took a shower last night (Wednesday night) & believe it or not .. Certain-Dri worked through Wednesday and is still working now on Thursday afternoon. I am seriously amazed this is quite a product. 
It costs $6.99 which is not crazy however... it's worth every single penny.

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor asked by the Company to do this review. I am in no way affiliated with Certain-Dri products and did this out of pure opinion. This is my honest opinion.


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