Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Haul!

Happy Birthday to ME!
My birthday was May 20, 2010 which was four days ago.

I want to thank my subscribers, followers, etc. for supporting my blog as well. 
This is PICTURE HEAVY! This blog is not to brag about anything that I have, everything was given to me as a gift for my birthday.

So I was supposed to get the Neverfull Bag GM, which I will this week. I was so busy this past weekend with going out with my boyfriend, friends and family members that today is the first day I can finally relax from the birthday Chaos. Friday Night (day after my birthday) we celebrated my Birthday at a Restaurant in Brooklyn and my Bestfriend suprised me with a LIMO! After the party we headed to my boyfriend's house in New Jersey. 

Here are some Pictures from the Party

What am I wearing? 
Armani Shirt, Sequin Skirt, & Beverly Feldman Pumps

What's on my Face?
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Revlon Photoready Foundation
Matted with Physicians formula Powder with E.L.F. Flat Top Brush
E.L.F. Tickled Pink Brush (LOVES IT)
Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara & Telescopic Mascara
MAC Style Black Gilt by Association Lower Lash Line
On top of Gilt By Association MAC PRO Gold Glitter Brilliants 

This week I'm looking forward to getting my Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag & Coin Purse, New Tory Burch flats & Beige Burberry Jacket :) YAY ME!

So What goodies did I get for my Birthday? 

My little Fuzzball from my Parents! 

Isn't he the Cutest? 
All these pictures are also taken with my New Samsung TL240 Camera that my Amazing Boyfriend got me for my Birthday. I absolutely love this Camera! 
Look at these photos taken.

Amazing, no?

This is the Camera it's $300 and my boyfriend also got me this cool memory thing from Verizon. So I don't have to plug my camera into the computer I can just plug in the chip and it works. It's so easy and it's no hassle. 

Micro SD Reader 

My boyfriend's mom is an absolutely doll she got me the new Michele Tahitian Jelly Watch, I have the one with the Diamonds but it's not an everyday watch and I needed something I can throw on every day this watch is perfect! Also it's comfortable and affordable priced just right at $295. Great for Summer! They are Limited Edition so get yours!

Also we stopped @ Serendipity this weekend if you live in New York you know it's Dessert Heaven! I have a Frozen Hot Chocolate! :) 
If you every in New York you should stop by here!

That's my Bestfriend Jeff & Me Below before Serendipity.

Hope you Enjoyed this Post! Again this is not to brag about what I have or got/how much money I have. These were gifts and I like to share my personal stuff with my readers. I do work, and do pay for everything with my own money. 



  1. You look stunning in these pictures! Looks like you had a great time and recieved some lovely gifts :) x

  2. Thank you Katie! I had an amazing time.