Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review/Haul: Hardy Candy Meteor-Eyes Eyeshadow

Hello my Beautiful Ladies!
As you may or may not know Hard Candy released these awesome eyeshadows. 
I stopped by my local Target to see what all the rave is about. 

Each eyeshadow was $6.00 each and I bought 
Black Hole (Reminds me of MAC Cinderfella from Style Black)

All of these eyeshadows have glittery veins going through them and they are pigmented but not as pigmented as I hoped. I haven't tried them on my lids so I can't tell you how long they stay on, but I will tell you as soon as I do try them. 
Outerspace is similar to Black Hole, honestly I prefer Black Hole; so don't be me & get two because that was a waste. However I do like the glitter pay-off and that fact that it doesn't come off dull but sparkly instead. 

What do I think?
Bang for your buck if you missed out on MAC Cinderfella (my favorite, will cry when I hit pan)

You won't like it if ... 
You are expecting some super high pigmentation pay-off from one swatch you have to put it on a couple of times to get that MAC or MUFE pay-off. Also if you don't like glitter DO NOT BUY THIS!

Not bad for $6.00... I'm pretty happy, good job Hard Candy. It's great if your on a budget. 

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Black Hole
Black Hole
From Left to Right: Black Hole, Outerspace, Intergalactic

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