Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Target Haul

While I was @ Target this past weekend I wanted to pick up a couple of Maybelline Quads. 
Also I wanted to pick up the Glimmer Bronzer (Which I had to drive to Wal-Mart for) because they didn't have it. 
After hearing HollyAnnaeree's non-stop praise about the Bonnebell Glimmer Bronzer, I heard it the 853947987987 time in one of her favorite videos and was like "OMG I am going to buy it already enough." Sure enough I bought it. And I see why she talks about it non-stop. 

The Glimmer Bronzer is so amazing, it gives you this amazing sunkissed shimmer/glow it's like not explainable but it is really so so so so so pretty especially in the summer everyone wants that GLOW on their cheeks. If you do buy this or you don't like it you are probably using to much you have to not only be careful but to remember to tap off your brush! A little goes a long way. This jar will probably last me a lifetime & a day. 

Okay so I picked up the Maybelline Quad in Natural Smokes and Give me Gold. I equally love them both can't really say which one I like more, they are great for all the time, day time night time doesn't matter. They are also neutrals I LOVE neutral eyeshadows, maybe a little green liner, blue liner but no rainbow eye shadows for me :(. Give me Gold has this great shimmer to it that makes the color really pop and Natural Smokes is great for doing a Neutral smokey eye and with this convenient quad you can always darken your look if you take it with you to make a sexy look for night time! 

So heres the swatches of the things I got & I will be doing looks with them soon & posting them on my blog!

These are definitely some Beauty on a Budget things that you should go out and try if you aren't really looking to fish out those big bucks for HE products! The Glimmer Bronzer was like $2-3, Maybelline Natural Smokes $4.00 & Change and Give me Gold Palette was $4.23. 




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  2. thanks raskhshanda you should definitely get these palettes their awesome & affordable big pluses!

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