Friday, July 2, 2010

Lorac Hollywood Hot List!

Hey Guys! Just wanted to do a few posts before July 4th Weekend! 
I hope you all have something/somewhere very exciting to do/go. 
While doing what I do best .. Shopping online I was on Sephora.Com (Obviously) and stumbled up on the Lorac Hollywood Hot List set. I was like WOAH 29.50 for all that stuff?!?!?!?!?!
So in disbelief that everything is regular sized and not tiny samples I went on my hunt on google and found that these are amazing sized jars of eyeshadow, tantalizer, lipgloss and the blush/bronzer duo. 

I called up my Sephora and they had 3 left! I took the train got to Sephora & purchased it. It is absolutely amazing I know that HollyAnnaeRee (love her!) did a post about it. 

The Verdict: 
The eyeshadows are great, neutral colors for everyday looks, they are super duper pigmented! The lipgloss is a tad bit sticky but the color is stunning and the tantalizer can be used for like putting on your legs to give you shimmer, not so much of a tan even though thats what the bottle states. However, the shimmer is pretty giving you like a glowy nice look if your wearing a dress, shorts, or  skirt. You can also use it like on your chest area if you have on an open shirt. 

The Blush/Bronzer Duo is small, the blush is a little too darkish pink for me and the bronzer honestly, I would use it as a blush. (Maybe a future giveaway prize!)

Call up your Sephora see if they still have it and I 100% recommend getting this its a great value for your money ... anyway i'll stop babbling cause you guys want swatches so HERE THEY ARE!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Go out and buy this amazing Lorac Set!!! 


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