Friday, January 29, 2010


So .. let's get to a little about me, before I start rambling.
I'm Michelle, I am a Fashonista.. I sleep, dream, eat and breathe couture, clothing and make-up.
I am 18 years old & live in New York.

It took me 87987987 to make a blog after watching thousands of videos on YouTube and reading a million blogs, the blog world kind of attracted me. So HERE I AM! I'm so excited to share with everyone, reviews, purchases, fashion, clothing blah blah blah .. all that fun stuff. I am in no way like "anti-social" if you have any questions or whatever kind of things you may have just COMMENT & I will certainly get back to you!

XOXO - Michelle


  1. woww you only been doin this a month it looks awsome i havnt got a clue how to do all this kool stuff on my page lol!!

  2. LOL.. wellI do a lot of Craft stuff and what not. you can look on google for like Blogspot graphics!

  3. ooh wicked thanks hun but keep it up looks good! xx